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Almost 600 titles were published on 3 September, and apparently a lot more to come- which is causing problems for even the big bookstores to try & stock all of them. Obviously some of them have their eye on the Christmas market, but in the meantime, I feel it is our duty to read EVEN more and particularly support the less well known, non celebrity authors...!

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October 26, 2016

In my opinion...

I love stories which use letters as a narrative technique, even better when a treasure hunt is involved.

I remember my own excitement when my father set up Easter treasure hunts, with clues that took me all around the house & garden, a tradition I loved to continue with my own children.

So, straight away Amy Snow was ticking all the right boxes, before I had read a word.

I then procee...

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A challenging and thought provoking read- generating much discussion with my friends
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