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Almost 600 titles were published on 3 September, and apparently a lot more to come- which is causing problems for even the big bookstores to try & stock all of them. Obviously some of them have their eye on the Christmas market, but in the meantime, I feel it is our duty to read EVEN more and particularly support the less well known, non celebrity authors...!

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March 22, 2019

In my opinion...

The image of the endless road that Lelle in his desperation drives constantly along, runs throughout this novel, further emphasised by the lack of chapters. There are no breaks until you reach part two.

The bleakness of the landscape, the relentless discomfort of the annoying mosquitoes and the constant too bright sun highlights his hopeless search for his missing daughter.

The sto...

August 24, 2017

In my opinion...

You know those nights when you can't stop reading, and wake up with your book on your head?
Last night was one of those nights.
This novel shocks and has the reader hooked from the start by its dark yet humorous opening chapter.

The brooding storm that hangs over the town seems to be a metaphor for the gathering dark mood within the community when Summer goes missing, as a cast of...

June 19, 2017


In my opinion...

If you can manage to get through the first stomach turning chapter of this novel, you’ll then find it difficult to put down.

James Hazel’s legal experience gives authenticity to an uncomfortable novel, with a plot which races along changing direction and time, but is still easy to follow.

No-one is whom they seem to be, I mistrusted most characters, except the like...

April 20, 2017

In my opinion...

I absolutely loved this book, it is witty but deep, with some wonderful one liners; ‘Melodie witters like a “trapped chaffinch, ”’-many made me smile or agree with the author, why had I never thought of expressing something that way?

Loveday is a gem of a character, I adored her quirkiness. Her reluctance to interact and be ‘normal’ I found totally credible. It was so nice to have...

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