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Eyes Like Mine

In my opinion...

Over a miserable wet weekend, I sat in front of the fire and read and read and read. With a strong plot, and fascinating personalities, this dark novel is a thrilling page turner.

I loved the messed up character that is Nora Watts, and the way she told her story. Barely a moment to draw breath, and assess what has happened before she was on the move again, the suspense relentlessly kept high. I was exhausted just reading about her exploits, I could see this becoming a James Bond style action film,- so it is not surprising to read that Sheena has worked in the film and TV industry.

There have been comparisons with Lisbeth Salander, indeed Nora is also deeply flawed, but she is a character who stands strong and destinctive in her own right. There are several times we are permitted a glimpse of the woman inside, particularly in her interactions with Whisper, the dog, but I can’t be alone in shaking my head at her, as once again she refocuses on the job in hand.

I have a strong interest in homelessness myself, and thought issues raised were dealt with sensitively and knowledgeably, which is what I came to expect from Ms Kamal.

I also found it interesting to read a story set in Canada, with evocative descriptions of the countryside, particularly the unrelenting cold.

I suppose my main criticism would be, Nora doesn’t seem to be thrown by anything that happens , even people shooting at her, she just takes it her stride. This for me, stretched credibility a little.There are also a few loose ends, but I suspect they will be picked up in the sequel.

That apart- what a debut! I look forward to the next book from Seena Kamal.

Thank you NetGalley and Bonnier Zaffre for the ARC of this book.

Want to know more?


It's late. The phone rings.

The man on the other end says his daughter is missing.

Your daughter.

The baby you gave away over fifteen years ago.

What do you do?

Nora Watts isn't sure that she wants to get involved. Troubled, messed up, and with more than enough problems of her own, Nora doesn't want to revisit the past. But then she sees the photograph. A girl, a teenager, with her eyes. How can she turn her back on her? But going in search of her daughter brings Nora into contact with a past that she would rather forget, a past that she has worked hard to put behind her, but which is always there, waiting for her . . .

My rating...

A definite 4, nearly a 5 glasses of ( non alcoholic) the book and then you'll understand!


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