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White Bodies

In my opinion...

This was the perfect long journey on a train read! It poses a challenging question- how far are you prepared to go if you truly love someone?

I love psychological thrillers, so was excited to sit down for a couple of hours without internet access and just read this crime debut from Jane Robins. I couldn’t put it down.. in many ways it’s not difficult to work out who did what, but it’s the twists and turns to get there which are the surprise.

The characters are clearly drawn and easily imagined. The situations described are creepy and unsettling, at times I felt physically repulsed by what was being described. You’ll know when you get there!

The story develops slowly, raising questions, playing with the reader’s interpretation of events, who is bad, who is good? What is normal, what is obsessive? It confronts many issues of contemporary concern such as online forums and internet relationships, as well as subtle abusive situations.

Jane Robins certainly shows that she can write fiction, and her pedigree as both a journalist and true crime author made me feel that her writing was accurate- and , at times, horribly realistic. As to my opening question- by the final page, you'll have an answer.

A fascinating book, and one that I think is going to be very successful, what a great start to 2018!

Want to know more?


Callie loves Tilda. She’s her sister, after all. And she’s beautiful and successful.

Tilda loves Felix. He’s her husband. Successful and charismatic, he is also controlling, suspicious

and possibly, dangerous. Still, Tilda loves Felix.

And Callie loves Tilda. Very, very much. So she’s determined to save her. But the cost could destroy them all…

I was drinking....

Vin rouge de Virgin Trains!

My rating...

An unsettled, thought provoking four glasses of bubbles

Thank you @HQStories for my greatly appreciated ARC

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