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Forget Me Not

In my opinion...

And still they keep coming, what a great year this is for pacey novels with a strong plot.

This is a cracking psychological thriller, with an ending that makes you think…did I just read that? I used to like Forget me Nots!

Perfect holiday reading.

Want to know more?

StartFragmentI disappeared on a Tuesday afternoon. I was there one minute and the next I was gone. They’ve never found my body… It’s six in the morning during the hottest summer on record when Elizabeth O’Loughlin, out walking her dog, comes across Clare, a victim of a horrific knife attack, clinging onto life at the side of the road. Clare dies minutes later, but not before whispering her haunting last words to Elizabeth. When it becomes clear that Clare’s killer has more than one murder on his mind, Elizabeth has to take drastic action or face losing everything. But what if she can’t stop a killer determined never to be forgotten?EndFragment

My rating...

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