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The wife who knew too much

Michele Campbell

In my opinion...

This was a great escapist and hard to put down read for over the Christmas period- fast paced, full of suspense with a sympathetic narrator. Full of twists and turns; even though I guessed who'd done what, there were still enough questions to keep me racing through looking for answers right to the end.

I liked the technique of using Nina's diary to explain some of the back story & was taken in by a few red herrings thrown to me.

Characters were horribly credible, the setting felt aspirationally authentic & Tabitha's concerns felt very human.

I only took a star away as I found the ending a little unsatisfactory- but maybe I was just grumpy after staying up until midnight to finish it, that it did not end as I wanted it to, as certainly there were enough nail biting moments prior to the end !

A great novel to lose yourself in on a grey winter afternoon.

Want to know more?

Meet the first Mrs Ford. Beautiful. Accomplished. Wealthy beyond imagination. Married to a much younger man. And now, she’s dead.

Meet the second Mrs Ford. Waitress. Small-town girl. Married to a man she never forgot, From a summer romance ten years before. And now, she’s wealthy beyond imagination.

Who is Connor Ford? Two women loved him. And knew him as only wives can know.

Set amongst the glittering mansions of the Hamptons, The Wife Who Knew Too Much is a decadent summer thriller about the lives of those who will do anything for love and money. Who is the victim? Who is the villain? And who will be next to die?

He said it was forever. HE LIED.

My rating?

A glittering Hampton bubbles filled four glasses

Thank you HQStories & Readers First for my copy of this novel

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