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About me

My name is Carrie and I have a passion for books & bubbles which is about evenly matched- though my book habit is a little cheaper & easier to indulge on the train in a morning!

I am renowned amongst family & friends for always having a book or kindle with me, just in case......I have been reading since an extremely early age- thanks to Mum & the 'Teach your Baby to Read' philosophy- and for years have been suggesting books to people, noting details of my favourites in my trusty Venetian notebook, and regularly buying more bookshelves!

So pull up a comfy chair, pour a glass of something tasty or put the kettle on, as we sit down together & share my excitement about the latest book I have discovered.

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How I rate our books
I appreciate the hard work that goes into every single book, but do prefer some to others. Read my review and see what I thought. One to five glasses of Champagne portrays whether the book was good or excellent.
How the book should be read
I'll also recommend how the book should be read to try and help you get the most from the experience. Anything from a romantic novel sitting with a warm cup of hot chocolate into the night to a drama sitting with a nice cool cocktail. 
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