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The Summer Queen

In my opinion...

Recently I have been in a reading world which consisted of contemporary thrillers, so it was an absolute delight to read a proper historical novel about such a fascinating character.

Elizabeth Chadwick's detailed research ensures that the imagined story about young Eleanor, or Alienor, as she is more accurately called is totally believable, peopled with vibrant and credible personalities whom I cared about, empathised with or felt frustrated with on Alienor's behalf. She is a strong and fascinating character in history and this book made me want to continue on the journey with her.

I am excited that the third book in the trilogy, The Autumn Throne has just been published, and look forward to then working my way through the numerous other historical novels Ms Chadwick has written.

Want to know more...?

Eleanor of Aquitaine's story is legendary. She is an iconwho has fascinated readers for over eight hundred years. But the real Eleanor remains elusive - until now. Based on the most up-to-date research, bestselling novelist Elizabeth Chadwick brings Eleanor's magnificent story to life, as never before. Young, vibrant, privileged, Eleanor's future is golden as theheiress to wealthy Aquitaine. But when her beloved father dies suddenly in the summer of 1137, her childhood ends abruptly. Forced to marry the young prince Louis of France, Eleanor is still struggling to adjust to her new role when Louis' father dies and they become King and Queen of France. Leaving everything behind, the vivacious Eleanor must face the complex and faction-riddled French court. She is only 13.

I was drinking...

Prosecco on the balcony of my hotel room, with an amazing view of beautiful Loch Lomond. What a nice way to spend a peaceful few hours.

My rating...

A regal four glasses!

My thanks for this review copy to & little,brown book group




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