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In my opinion...

Touching, sensitive, considered and knowledgeable,the development of this young man’s story from child orphan to adulthood, is gentle and deceptively simple. The language used is poetic and descriptive, the author’s love of words shines through.

It is not a dramatic story, but it is totally credible and hard to put down, as the characters are sensitively developed to inhabit their extremely realistic lives. It is refreshing to have a cast mainly made up of likeable, albeit flawed characters.

I used to live in Chester myself, so small details about the City that Tanya Ravenwater adds to the story ring true. As do Jacques's fond flashbacks to life with his parents in France.

At times I felt that perhaps Jacques and Rebecca’s conversations were too stilted, even allowing for the gaucheness of youth, that said, it does emphasise his Frenchness, which all through the story brings back good memories.

This was a very different novel from those that I have been reading recently, and is not necessarily one that I would have picked up myself- I am thrilled that I did. Indulge yourself and take some time to get to know Jacques.

Want to know more...?

A story of loss, longing, falling in love and finding a place to call home. And, most importantly, the power of the relationships that help is along the way

This is the story of Jacques Lafitte, a young French boy who is orphaned and torn away from everything he knows. Forced to move to England to live with his guardian – the proud and distant Oliver Clark – Jacques find himself alone in a strange country, and a strange world.

As years go by, Jacques becomes part of the Clark family and learns to love life again.

But then his feelings for Rebecca – Oliver’s daughter – become stronger.

And this development has the power to bring them together or tear the whole family apart…

I was drinking...

A lovely glass of Bordeaux.

My rating...

A thought provoking 4 glasses

Thank you Carmen at Bonnier Zaffre & NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this novel

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