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Dark Water

I am very excited that this is where the blog tour for Dark Water starts, prior to the novel's publication on 3 October 2016

Have a look at my lifestyle section for a fascinating interview with the book's author, Sara Bailey

Then read the novel...

In my opinion...

Prepare to have your mind played with.

There are plenty of secrets in this dark novel.

Helena returns to Orkney, feeling London superior to her old friends and relationships, but is gradually pulled back into island life, and forced to face overwhelming memories from the past., particularly in relation to her best friend, Anastasia.

At times, particularly in her behaviour towards her father’s new wife, the reader feels as alienated by her spikiness as her peers do. Gradually, however, as the story develops, moving effortlessly between the past and present , we grow to understand Helena's motives a little more, or so we believe.

Island life and the wild countryside are vividly brought to life- having lived on various islands for many years myself, I could vividly imagione walking along the beaches, and the sense of claustrophobia that living in a small community can bring. .It is obvious that Sara Bailey describes what she knows, and the terror of going over a dark, deep space in the sea whether in a boat or swimming, is horribly accurate, and sent shivers through me.

There are plenty of twists and turns in this novel, at times it is both chilling and ghostly.

Everytime that the reader seems close to an answer, it is snatched away and another question is raised. What really did happen that night out by the wrecks?

I found the novel difficult to put down, as I searched for the truth- but the final answer was unexpected, and Sara Bailey kept me guessing right until the end.

I really enjoyed this book, and am sorry to wave it on its way to its next stop on the tour- I will certainly look out for Sara 's next novel , and really hope that it will once again be set around these amazing islands

Want to know more...?

When Helena returns to her childhood home in Orkney to care for her father after a heart attack, she is forced to face memories that she has spent half a lifetime running from.

Still haunted by the disappearance of her blood-sister,Anastasia – who vanished during a daredevil swimming incident - Helena must carefully navigate the island that made her, and the old faces that still ask: what really happened that night by the wrecks? An intense portrait of adolescent yearning and obsession, from debut novelist Sara Bailey.

My rating...

A dark and mysterious four!

Many thanks to Jacqui Lofthouse of Nightingale Editions for my advance review copy and Sara Bailey for making the time to do an interview with me.

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