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Someone is Watching

In my opinion...

As I have never read a book by Joy Fielding before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I discovered in the course of this novel was an unsettling story that had me gripped, right until the final unexpected twist..

Fielding shows how a successful, feisty woman, Bailey, is horrifically damaged by a terrifying attack, making her a prisoner in her own home.

Bailey becomes a paranoid voyeur, watching the world through her symbolic binoculars, particularly her neighbours. Frequently acting in a crazy, yet understandable way, as everywhere she turns, she thinks she can see, hear or smell her attacker. I loved the techniques Fielding uses throughout the story, obsessively reminding us about the attack by the repetition of key phrases

This novel truly is an assault on all of the senses.

Thank you Bonnier Zaffre for my ARC

Want to know more?

The Girl on the Train meets Rear Window in this gripping novel from a queen of psychological suspense.

Bailey Carpenter is a smart and savvy private investigator, until a horrific attack leaves her trapped at home in her Miami high-rise apartment, crippled by paranoia.

Everywhere she looks, she sees the face of her attacker.

Including in the apartment directly opposite her.

Where someone is watching.

My rating...

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