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Kill The Father

In my opinion...

What a roller coaster of a ride we are taken on in this novel!

I love a good, thick book, and this one certainly pleased. From the moment I received it, with its intriguing, unsettling outer jacket, I didn’t want to put it down, and for several nights continued to read until the early hours of the next day.

The two main characters have both had extremely traumatic pasts which the story gradually reveals, as it affects their current lives, but, although flawed, they manage to retain sympathetic characters.

There are twists and turns throughout the novel. Every time I thought I was close to a solution, I was thrown again, and ended up as wary of everybody as Colomba and Dante. There are some fabulous characters developed in supporting roles.

The translation of the novel is probably the best I have ever read, as it flows so naturally, but still manages to retain its Italian feel. I loved little nuggets thrown in about Rome, and having lived in Italy appreciated Dante’s obsession with coffee.

The final section of the novel is complex , unable to be predicted and ultimately satisfying. It is such a visual novel, it will make a terrifyingly tense film.

Normally I would avoid series using the same characters, but in this case I would certainly make an exception, and look forward to what Sandrone Dazieri has planned next for Colomba and Dante..

Thank you and Simon&Schuster for my ARC

Want to know more?

In this fascinatingly complex thriller, two people, each shattered by their past, team up to solve a series of killings and abductions...When a woman is beheaded in a park outside Rome and her six-year-old son goes missing, the police unit assigned to the case sees an easy solution: they arrest the woman's husband and await his confession. But the Chief of Rome's Major Crimes unit doubts things are so simple. Secretly, he lures to the case two of Italy's top analytical minds: Deputy Captain Colomba Caselli, a fierce, warrior-like detective still reeling from having survived a bloody catastrophe, and Dante Torre, a man who spent his childhood trapped inside a concrete silo. Fed through the gloved hand of a masked kidnapper who called himself 'The Father', Dante emerged from his ordeal with crippling claustrophobia but, also, with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and hyper-observant capacities. All evidence suggests that 'The Father' is back and active after being dormant for decades. Indeed, he has left tell-tale signs that signal he's looking forward to a reunion with Dante. But when Colomba and Dante begin following the ever-more-bizarre trail of clues, they grasp that what's really going on is darker than they ever imagined.

I was drinking...

It had to be- the perfect coffee!

My rating...

A thrilling, intriguing four glasses of bubbles, should be expresso cups really!

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