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Woman of State

In my opinion...

A fascinating story for those of us who grew up during the time of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Many of the situations described, I know, did actually happen- Simon Berthon’s research is very thorough, as you would expect from someone with his experience.

The story is a fast paced thriller, but also tackles many other themes, not just love and loyalty but political ideals, betrayal, how well do you know somebody and who can you trust.

Not surprisingly with a pedigree like Simon Berthon’s , a highly acclaimed investigative film-maker, it is an intelligent, well written and balanced novel. He does not enforce his opinions nor is he judgemental, leaving the reader to draw their own conclusions, about the rights and wrongs of the conflict., from all sides, as it moves backwards and forwards in time and location.

I found Anne-Marie/Maire, an interesting character, and her position forces you to ask yourself, what would I do in the same situation? Overall, however, it is police officer Carne that I found much more convincing, although I question whether a relationship between them could develop so rapidly in these circumstances.

An enjoyable read, my main complaint being that such a thick book is tricky to read on the tube at rush hour!

Thank you Harper Collins for my ARC

Want to know more?

Secrets 1991, Belfast. Maire Anne McCartney is recruited for a one-off IRA mission as a honey trap. She is told there will be no violence. But she has been lied to. To save herself, eighteen-year-old Maire must flee across the border alone, and start a new life. State Present day, London. Human rights lawyer Anne-Marie Gallagher is appointed Minister of State for Security and Immigration. At the same time, the police in Belfast receive an anonymous tip-off. The password is verified from the Troubles – and the co-ordinates lead DCI Jon Carne to a field. And a body. Betrayal The new Minister receives a message and realises that the new life she has crafted is at risk of being uncovered. And when Carne’s investigation brings Anne- Marie to his attention, she must decide where her allegiances lie…

My rating...

A thrilling four glasses of bubbles, whilst I await Mr Berthon's next state secret!

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