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Love will tear us apart

In my opinion...

What a cracking book which rattles along. taking the reader on a journey of discovery, both of places and personalities. It is very much character driven, with constant tantalising hints of an unresolved mystery or issue.

I wasn’t very keen on the title and expected a more conventional sort of relationship story, so was pleasantly surprised when I found the personalities credible. Viv and Mick are well developed and easily imagined. Kate’s parents are not as vivid, but that is appropriate with the distance in her relationship from them. Kate herself came over as flawed and human.

I found the moving back and forth in time worked well, when sometimes you can lose the thread of what is happening, but in this case the back story is crucial to current events. There was a huge amount of information given in the final few chapters, but it worked well in tying up loose ends for me.

I had found the story a little slow to begin with, but by the end I felt that Ms Seddon had really found her voice, and this made the story very enjoyable. A good read to spend a day on the beach with.

Want to know more?

Sometimes a promise becomes a prison.

Fearing eternal singledom, childhood friends Kate and Paul make the age-old vow that if they don't find love by thirty, they will marry each other.

Years later, with the deadline of their 30th birthdays approaching, the unlikely couple decide to keep their teenage promise. After all, they are such good friends. Surely that's enough to make a marriage?

Now, on the eve of their 10th wedding anniversary, they will discover that love between men and women is more complex, and more precarious, than they could ever have imagined. As Kate struggles with a secret that reaches far into their past, will the couple's vow become the very thing that threatens their future?

Love Will Tear Us Apart is a moving and heart-breaking exploration of modern love and friendship, from the bestselling author of Try Not to Breathe.

Thank you ReadersFirst and Corvus for my ARC of this thought provoking novel

My rating...

A thoughtful four glasses of bubbles

I was drinking...

As it's holiday season, it seems appropriate to have a cocktail or two. Cheers!

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