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Love Me, Love Me Not

In My Opinion...

A dysfunctional narrator, described by the author as 'twisted', an unconventional and frequently uncomfortable story with characters that I really didn't like- I asked myself why I was reading this novel and couldn't put it down.

I'm still not quite sure! It is, however, gripping and intriguing, in spite of the story moving backwards and forwards in time, it flowed and I went with it, curious how a story like this could end.

The novel raises many questions covering obsessions, split personalities, mental illness and friendships. It is not a light read, but there are many twists to keep the reader involved right to the end, and I was also pleased that there was an element of self analysis and realisation by Jane, the narrator.

I loved the cover, and found the facts at the start of each chapter about flowers fascinating.

Thank you @HQDigital for my ARC, I just wonder what subject Katherine will tackle in her next novel!

Want to know more?

Today isn't the first time I've thought about killing my best friend, but it is the first time I've done something about it.

Since they were teenagers, Jane and Elle had been inseparable.

Until the day that Elle stole the love of Jane's life.

Now everything has changed. Jane wants him back, and with a little help from her horticultural obsession, she may just have found the perfect solution…

My rating...

An extremely uncomfortable three glasses...make sure you check the dregs!

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