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The Party

In my opinion...

This really is the summer of great books.

A psychological thriller with enough twists to keep me reading and guessing.

I liked that the narrator was in the dark herself and had no memory about what had happened at the party, so as she searched for answers to discover more about that eventful night, so did I .I had a few guesses, and was ultimately correct, but I wasn’t 100% sure.

There were a couple of areas that didn’t totally convince me, and I felt that I was left with some unanswered questions, but don’t want to give them away as that could spoil the plot.

Overall, a difficult novel to put down and quite thought provoking for any of us when we next attend a party…Beware the barbecue season!

Want to know more?

It was just a party. But it turned into a nightmare.

When Rachel wakes up in a strange room, the morning after a neighbour’s party, she has no memory of what happened the night before. Why did her husband leave her alone at the party? Did they row? Why are Rachel’s arms so bruised? And why are her neighbours and friends so vague about what really happened?

Little by little, Rachel pieces together the devastating events that took place in a friend’s house, at a party where she should have been safe. Everyone remembers what happened that night differently, and everyone has something to hide. But someone knows the truth about what happened to Rachel. And she’s determined to find them.

I was drinking...

Refreshing white wine...after reading this novel, maybe I should stick to water!

My rating...

A cool four glasses of party bubbles

Thank you HQ for my ARC

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