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The Classroom

In my opinion...

An unusual concept for a story- I raced through this unsettling book, not totally sure how it was going to be resolved. From the beginning I didn't trust Miriam, but I wasn't sure why not.

Unfortunately, I didn't actually like or sympathise with any of the main characters- and at times felt quite judgemental about their behaviour. I'm not convinced that in 2018 some of the events could have happened in a school (trying to avoid spoilers here!) - but I'm certainly glad my children aren't starting in Reception this year...

Regardless, it did keep me guessing, with some significant twists right until the end, and is a very uncomfortable read- so I do think the author has achieved her aim.

Thank you to @hqdigitaluk for my ARC

Want to know more?


Letting go of your daughter for the first time isn’t easy

After years of IVF, Kirsten White is a devoted mum to Harriet – and she can’t believe the time has come to send her little girl off to school. But Harriet has now turned five, and she can’t stay Kirsten’s baby forever. It might be hard, but it’s time to entrust her daughter’s care to her new teacher.

… the classroom is the one place she should be safe.

Miriam Robertson has been waiting for the perfect little girl to walk into her class. She’s very picky… but when Harriet walks in, Miriam knows: this is the child she’s been waiting for.

Harriet knows not to speak to strangers. But her lovely new teacher isn’t a stranger at all. In fact, she’s her new best friend. And you can always trust your friends… can’t you?


My rating...

An unsettled three glasses- it makes homeschooling look very attractive!

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