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Mr One-Night Stand

In my opinion...

Being offered the chance to read this novel from the Mills and Boon 'Dare' stable, was a world away from my usual reads.

I wasn't sure what to expect, it's been so many years since I read a Mills and Boon , when, as a romantic teenager, I was enthralled by the tales of good looking doctors, rakish strangers and exotic island locations.

I certainly anticipated romance, with a strong dose of raunchy, and that I would guess the ending.

Indeed I got all that! I enjoyed observing Jennifer and Marcus's breathless tumble into passion . It was nice to really like the main characters, even though they are both hard headed in their business dealings, described with convincing authority by Rachael Stewart.

So, in my opinion, this M&B imprint is for the teenagers who grew up to now want a bit more oomph from their story, which is certainly what you get!

Was it realistic, no, not really, but isn’t that what M&B is all about? Losing yourself for a few hours of pure escapism? And did I guess the ending correctly – I'm happy to say, of course I did!

Want to know more?

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StartFragmentOne night only. Just think of the possibilities… The second she sees Mr. Oh-So-Delicious, Jennifer Hayes knows she needs one night of crazy. No names, no strings, no rules. Except that Jennifer’s naughty one-nighter is actually Marcus Wright—her new business partner! Now they’re mixing business with all kinds of pleasure. But when it comes to falling in love, her sexy Mr. Wright is either Mr. Wrong or the best mistake of her life…EndFragment

My rating...

A cheeky four glasses of bubbles!

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