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The Blameless Dead

In my opinion...

This is a gory, unsettling and extremely graphic novel.

The story is strong and complicated, it has obviously been thoroughly researched, revealing shocking facts, making it an uncomfortable read.

I found the constantly changing point of view in earlier chapters confusing, but appreciated that this time movement was needed to develop the back story.

It certainly kept my attention, even though I did not feel that characters were developed so that I felt a strong connection with them. There was certainly plenty of suspense and right up to the final chapter, I really was not sure of the outcome. I feel this thriller has all the ingredients for a stomach churning film, to be watched through your fingers!

Want to know more?

In the dying days of World War Two, Pavel Romasko and his Red Army colleagues pick their way through the carnage and detritus of a dying Berlin. Stumbling upon the smoking remains of a Nazi bunker, they find something inside that eclipses the horror of even the worst excesses in the city above them. As the war ends, retribution begins. But some revenge cannot be taken at once. Some revenge takes years... And so it is, as post-war Europe tries desperately to drag itself back onto its feet, and soldiers attempt a return to normality, that retribution continues to ferment in the Gulags of the Soviet Union and beneath the surface of apparently ordinary lives. Which is how, seventy years later, FBI agent Carla Romero and New York lawyer Gabriel Hall are enlisted to investigate a series of blood-chilling crimes that seem to have their roots in the distant past — even though the suffering they cause is all too present. And for one of them, the disappearance of young women is a particularly personal matter. The Blameless Dead is an epic, compelling, edge-of-the-seat drama that sweeps the reader from twentieth century Europe to modern-day New York. Part murder-mystery, part historical novel and shot through with adrenalin-pumping action, this novel demonstrates that, while the hostilities may cease and the peace be signed, the horror of war is never really over...

My rating....

A rather disturbed three glasses- an awesome book, maybe I just don't have a strong enough stomach!

Thank you Endeavour Quill for my ARC of this novel

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