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A Forbidden Love

In my opinion...

I thought when I was asked to review this novel that it would be a standard romance- I was wrong.

The tragedy of the Spanish Civil War and how it affected people's lives, and still does, was vividly made real in this book.

To start with I found the frequently changing point of view quite offputting, but once it settled into the story of Maria's life, I found it easier to read.

I wasn't quite sure that I ever got under the skin of Maria, I would have preferred to see her interpretation of events in the first person, but then that would have made covering such a vast subject very difficult.

An enjoyable novel, in spite of the distressing subject matter, where Kerry Postle makes us face an horrific crime as well as celebrating lives lost.

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He vowed in his letter to one day meet her again, once the war was over. But it was a letter Maria couldn’t bring herself to read…

Growing up in the humble Spanish town of Fuentes, Maria dreamed of seeing the world and marrying one day. But before her life can truly start, civil war breaks out and Fuentes is torn apart by violence, secrecy and corruption.

Maria vows to take a stand, yet as an unspeakable tragedy rocks her trust in human decency, her heart hardens and the love she once believed in seems far out of reach. But when she falls for an occupying soldier, she questions whether she can truly love someone who is her enemy?

My rating...

A moving 4 glasses


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