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Happiness for Beginners

In my opinion...

Romance, humour, set on a farm in the British countryside, what’s not to like?

With Carole Matthews you know what you’re getting- and you get it aplenty in this latest novel!

It’s full of kindness, understanding and warmth. I am convinced that Carole writes with a smile on her face.

The animals are show stealers- and the accuracy of the descriptions of their care is impressive, when Carole herself admits that she was not brought up with animals. As to the hens,Carole, have you been sneaking a peek at my rescue hens?

Although I felt the story was a little slow to start with, the scene is established firmly, and I settled back to enjoy Carole's usual witty and laugh out loud comments.( I NEVER usually laugh out loud!)

Make sure you read the author's note. Then give this book to a friend if she’s feeling a bit down- it’s a hug in a book

Thank you Lovereading for my ARC

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