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After She's Gone

In my opinion...

My first impression was that the opening chapters posed some interesting questions, and I hoped that the author would manage to pull all the threads together, which, in conclusion, I think she did, with some great twists along the way.

I am intrigued and enjoying reading lots of Scandi Noir at the moment, but hadn't come across anything like this novel previously. The story confronts many uncomfortable contemporary issues, but in a subtle way.

The unforgiving bleak landscape builds up tension , with references to the weather and lack of light serving as an uneasy backdrop to a chilling story. The characters are interesting and complex. I found Malin, the female detective particularly appealing, and liked the technique of using Jake’s chapters in the book to reveal more information from Hanne’s diary.

This is not a fast paced thriller, but regardless, I found it hard to put down, and the issues raised have stayed with me.

Thank you Zaffre and ReadersFirst for my copy of this novel

Want to know more?

StartFragmentA case as cold as the season. A profiler who can't remember. A killer ready to strike again. Psychological profiler Hanne Lagerlind-Schön and her partner, investigator Peter Lindgren are invited to the small, sleepy industrial town of Ormberg to investigate a cold case: ten years earlier a five-year-old girl's remains were found in a cairn near the town. But when a recurring memory problem resurfaces, Hanne struggles to keep track of the case. She begins keeping a diary, noting down everything she is likely to forget to keep up appearances so she doesn't lose her job. When the body of a woman is found at the cairn and one of Hanne's shoes is found nearby covered in the victim's blood, can Hanne's diary hold the key to what happened? How does this new murder connect to their old one? How can you put together what happened when the pieces keep fading away?EndFragment

My rating...

A chilly 4 glasses

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