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Traces of Her

In my opinion...

This is the perfect commute book- it has short chapters, with the rapidly moving plot alternating between the present day and the time of the murders. It has clearly drawn , frequently unpleasant, characters and plenty of twists and red herrings to make you look forward to continue reading it on the journey home. I had most of the male characters on my 'suspect' list during the course of the novel!

This is quite a dark and unsettling psychological thriller, I'm not sure that I would have stayed in Cornwall in the same circumstances, with some of the events that occur! Ultimately it was satisfying that the many loose ends were tied up, on top of a final unforeseen twist.

I wasn't quite sure what Rose's partner added to the story, nor did I feel that there was need for mention of Becky's eating issues, which was an unnecessary distraction. I suspect it is a concern the author wants to tackle, but maybe that's something for a different novel? Neither of these points, however, stopped me wanting to keep reading to find out 'who did it?'

Thank you HQ Digital & Amanda Brittany for my ARC

Want to know more?

An unsolved murder

Rose isn’t surprised anymore when her free-spirited step-sister, Willow, decides to disappear off somewhere without notice. But something feels different this time. When Willow sends her a mysterious package containing photographs of suspects in a cold case she is obsessed with solving, Rose realises she needs to find her sister before things get out of hand. A missing girl. With no sign of Willow to be found, Rose takes up the search for answers about the deaths that shook a small Cornish village eighteen years before. But what is the connection between Willow and the two sisters marked by tragedy? Time is running out. Someone knows where Willow is and what happened all those years ago. And they will do anything to stop the truth from coming out. Can Rose find Willow and the answers she needs, before it’s too late?

My rating?

A hard to put down four glasses....


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