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The Killer Inside

And here's another for your autumn reading...

The thriller equivalent of an onion, layer upon layer of twistedness.

Every time I thought I knew where this novel was going, there was a twist.

Not particularly empathetic characters, but a fascinating thriller, and hard to put down

Want to know more?


You love me. But do you really know me?

The addictive, darkly compelling new psychological thriller from the bestselling author of In a Cottage in a Wood.

A perfect childhood

You were the golden girl. The apple of your parents’ eyes. My beautiful, clever wife. A perfect marriage

I would do anything for you. But some things about me must stay hidden. A perfect liar

One summer afternoon, it all begins to unravel. Because I’m not the only one with terrible secrets to hide. And when the truth comes out, it seems we both have blood on our hands…


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