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The Perfect Couple

In my opinion...

Lisa Hall did not fail me!

Yet another uncomfortable psychological thriller from the lovely Lisa Hall.

I felt anxious, concerned and unsettled as I raced through it.

Many of the characters are unpleasant and not what they appear to be, truth is mixed up with deceptions. As the story progressed I thought I could see what was happening, I had plenty of theories, some of which were correct, but the final twist of twists caught me out.

A great read- if you’re managing to get away for a few days, or even if you’re not- pop it in your bag & escape for a few hours….

Want to know more?

When Emily applies for a job as a housekeeper for widower Rupert, it’s a chance to start over – a steady job and regular money means she can work towards her own place, not sharing a grimy flat with old mate, Mags.

As Emily gets to know more about Rupert’s world – how he likes his supper when he comes in from work, who his friends are – she can make sure everything runs like clockwork for him.

Soon there’s a spark between them; Rupert likes Emily and invites her to stay. For good.

To the outside world, they really seem to be a perfect match. There’s just the small issue of what really happened to Rupert’s first wife…

A gripping, razor-sharp game of cat and mouse, from the bestselling author, Lisa Hall.

My rating...

A sit out in the sun & pretend you're on holiday, very full four glasses of bubbles with some cocktails on the side!

Thank you HQ for my ARC

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