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All Your Little Lies

In my opinion...

On the blog tour today, an unusual thriller with a challenging unreliable narrator, Annie, who compulsively spins a web of lies, to her own detriment.

In the first half of the book particularly, I felt that she had personality issues , desperate to fit in & get people to like her but showing instead a lack of understanding of the situation, without empathy, saying the wrong thing & always laughing inappropriately.

In the second half of the book, the back story takes more prominence, and becomes very uncomfortable. I felt more sympathy towards Annie’s character, and, although not finding it particularly enjoyable felt I wanted to find out how her story ended.

There are no big twists or surprises, but, sadly, it is both a credible & thought provoking novel showing how lies can spiral out of control.

Want to know more?

When everything you say is a lie, can you even remember the truth? Annie lives a quiet, contained, content life. She goes to work. She meets her friend. She’s kind of in a relationship. She’s happy. Not lonely at all. If only more people could see how friendly she is — how eager to help and please. Then she could tick “Full Happy Life” off her list. But no one sees that side of Annie, and she can’t understand why. That all changes the night Chloe Hills disappears. And Annie is the last person to see her. This is her chance to prove to everybody that she’s worth something. That is, until she becomes a suspect. Drenched in atmosphere and taut with tension, All Your Little Lies takes a hard look at why good people do bad things.

My rating...

A variable 3 1/2 to 4 glasses.....I feel compassion , I feel dislike....

Thank you Agora Books for my ARC

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