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As we race towards Christmas, there's still enough time to gift, or request, a Christmas Eve book.

In our family , it is a much loved tradition to exchange books on Christmas Eve- here are a few suggestions of books that I have read recently that maybe you could pop in the trolley at the same time as the turkey?

In my opinion....

I had previously read The Family Upstairs & wasn't totally convinced that I needed to read a sequel, nor that I would remember the characters- but once I got going I was intrigued & hooked.

The characters are dark, obnoxious and fascinating, and Lisa moves a tight story along with pace, resolves questions, adds unexpected twists & ties all ends up satisfactorily.

Want to know more?

LONDON. Early morning, June 2019: on the foreshore of the river Thames, a bag of bones is discovered. Human bones.

DCI Samuel Owusu is called to the scene and quickly sends the bag for forensic examination. The bones are those of a young woman, killed by a blow to the head many years ago.

Also inside the bag is a trail of clues, in particular the seeds of a rare tree which lead DCI Owusu back to a mansion in Chelsea where, nearly thirty years previously, three people lay dead in a kitchen, and a baby waited upstairs for someone to pick her up.

The clues point forward too to a brother and sister in Chicago searching for the only person who can make sense of their pasts.

Four deaths. An unsolved mystery. A family whose secrets can't stay buried for ever ...

Thank you Random House UK for my copy.

In my opinion...

The charming Adele Parks can really do no wrong in my eyes, she has a lovely FB presence, responds to fans, is busy, kind & has just where do her story ideas come from?

This was at the forefront of my mind when I first started to read her latest novel, & I did warn several friends that it was very different.

The subject matter is uncomfortable & very dark, but I was dragged into another world by Adele's excellent characterisation & truly believed in Dora.

If you need some turkey time out, make sure you set a timer, as this novel is absolutely gripping. I'm intrigued to see what subject this author going to tackle next?

Want to know more?

One last client A week at a beautiful French chateau should be an easy final job for Dora. She’s smart, stunning and discreet. She only needs to convince the other guests that she’s Daniel’s girlfriend.

One last chance One final, luxurious week and she can leave the dangerous, difficult escort world, because Dora has fallen in love and is ready to embrace a better future.

One last secret But as the guests assemble, it becomes terrifyingly apparent that putting her past behind her is impossible. And one last secret could cost Dora everything, including her life…

Thank you HQ Harper Collins for my copy.


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