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Ask No Questions by Claire Allan

In my opinion...

An intriguing & unsettling book set in Derry. Although told from different viewpoints, it is easy to follow, and the varied voices bring further colour to the story.

At times I felt really frustrated by Ingrid, and my toes curled at her persistence- whilst recognising it was horribly accurate behaviour for a journalist, as Claire Allen knows only too well.

The novel has a dark, strong plot & I felt very uncomfortable when reading it. It is extremely credible which made it both frightening and sad

Want to know more?

Not all secrets are meant to come out…

Twenty-five years ago, on Halloween night, eight-year-old Kelly Doherty went missing while out trick or treating with friends.

Her body was found three days later, floating face down, on the banks of the Creggan Reservoir by two of her young classmates.

It was a crime that rocked Derry to the core. Journalist Ingrid Devlin is investigating – but someone doesn’t want her to know the truth. As she digs further, Ingrid starts to realise that the Doherty family are not as they seem. But will she expose what really happened that night before it’s too late?

My rating...

Thank you Avon/Harper Collins for my ARC


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