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Holy Waters by Tom Morton

In my opinion....

A different type of book for me to review, but one in which I certainly have a vested interest, as the author investigates links between faith & alcohol around the world. An interesting concept.

I found myself flipping to track down places that I have visited to see what the connections were with different drinks he had discovered.

It is quite a dense book & sadly lacking in pictures, so I would not sit down & read it cover to cover- but for the male whisky lover in your family, this may be the answer to your Christmas present dilemma!

Want to know more?

Waters of life. Distilled spirits of all kinds have borne that name, in various tongues, since time immemorial. Aqua vita. Eau de vie. Uisge Beatha. Tom Morton has travelled the world in search of the finest drams the planet has to offer. His journeys reveal the links between faith and alcohol, between spirits and the spiritual. From Christianity’s Holy Communion to the temple libations of Japan, through the rum concoctions of Haitian Voodoo to the monastic producers of every liquid from beer to "tonic" wine. And of course Tom’s beloved whisky, brewed in many corners of the world. Holy Waters is Tom’s journey to the spiritual heart of whisky, sake, rum, Champagne, beer, mead and a variety of wines. With great insight, humour and for the most part sobriety, he traces the links between brewing, winemaking, distilling and worship, from ancient pagan rites to the most modern Trappist technology. He revels in the lore and mysteries of craft production, the elemental, magical love stories, the passionate relationships between human and landscape, grain and pure water, grape and fire. And he does so on a motorcycle which, to his astonishment, runs very well on cask-strength Islay single malt. This book is a celebration of cultures and artisan craft, a book for food and drink, travel and history lovers.

My rating

A solid 3 glasses, particularly as I enjoyed reading the section on champagne!


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