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Local Woman Missing by Mary Kubica

In my opinion...

This was a very hard & dark read for the first few chapters but also totally addictive.

It is tightly plotted, with clearly drawn characters and lots of subtle red herrings.

I suspected and wondered, but with twist after twist I did not guess the ending.

It is an uncomfortable story at times. Enjoyable- I'm not sure. Unputdownable-definitely!

Thank you Harper Collins & NetGalley for my ARC.

Want to know more?

You’ll never find her. Don’t even try.

When a local mother and her six-year-old daughter, Delilah, suddenly vanish, their close-knit suburban community is rocked by fear and suspicion. How could such a terrible thing have happened in their small town?

Then, eleven years later, Delilah shockingly reappears. Everyone wants to know what really happened to her. But there are secrets hidden deep in the past – and when the truth about those missing years begins to surface, no one is prepared for what they’re about to find out.

My rating...

A dark, full of suspense 4 glasses


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