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Mothers and Daughters by Erica James

In my opinion...

I feel very fortunate that I was invited to 'meet' Erica James, albeit virtually and join in a discussion with this fascinating author.

Erica has written 23 best selling novels over 24 years & it was interesting to hear about her inspiration for the story- although she actually has two sons!

The story features two very different sisters, determined, after their father's death, to 'sort' their mother out.

The characters are totally credible and the realistic dialogue effortlessly moves the story along.

At the heart of this book is a significant reveal, extremely tricky subjects are treated with honesty and sensitivity. Sadly, the author's writing is all too accurate.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book- what more can I say?

Want to know more?

Even happy families have their secrets…

Since the sudden death of her husband, Naomi has steadily rebuilt the life they shared in the village of Tilsham by the sea.

Her eldest daughter, Martha, is sensible and determined – just like her father was – and very much in control of where her life is going. If she could just get pregnant with her husband, life would be perfect.

Willow, the youngest, was always more sunny and easy-going, yet drifted through life, much to her father’s frustration. But now, with charming new boyfriend, Rick, she has a very good reason to settle down.

The three women are as close as can be. But there are things Naomi has kept from her daughters. Like the arrival of Ellis, a long-lost friend from way back, now bringing the fun and spark back into her life. And she’s certainly never told them that her marriage to their father wasn’t quite what it seemed…

My rating..

A five glasses of bubbles read. A world away from my go-to psychologivcal thrillers. Well written, strong characterisation - I just wanted to keep reading it!

Thank you Harper Collins for my ARC


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