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Storm by Stephanie Merritt

In my opinion...

With all the recent hot weather, it feels like a storm is brewing, and in this novel one certainly breaks over the entitled group of friends who meet for an anniversary party weekend held in a French chateau.

Characters are strong, there are lots of twists- who is this person thrown into the mix who so unsettles them all, and there are enough secrets to enable the reader to suspect everyone.

The final section ties up all loose ends nicely, though I did feel it dragged a little compared to the rest of the book- but overall this was an addictive read which I found hard to put down.

Perfect sunlounger material!

Want to know more?

A beautiful French chateau

Jo Lawless is still grieving her husband when his oldest friends invite her to a weekend houseparty in France. She’s always felt like an outsider in the group but she decides to go, hoping their shared loss will bring them closer together.

An unexpected guest

But the weekend is disrupted by the arrival of an unexpected guest, whose presence brings old tensions to the surface. Long-buried secrets begin to emerge, and it’s clear that at least one person is bent on revenge…

A night that will end in murder The cold light of morning reveals a horrifying discovery. And the killer isn’t finished. A storm is coming, and no one at this party is safe…

My rating...

A solid, enjoyable four very chilled glasses of bubbles

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