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The Daughter-in-Law by Fanny Blake

In my opinion...

I've wanted to read a Fanny Blake novel for a long time, having first heard of her as books editor of Woman & Home, so swiftly made a start on this, her latest novel.

At first though , I really wasn't sure, I felt it was going to become predictable- but I hadn't allowed for the author's years of experience as a publisher as well as writer.

She uses her experience to draw you in, so that you care about the well drawn, faulty and credible characters, until you become addicted!

It is very much a family drama, and if, like me, you enjoy Joanna Trollope & Erica James novels, consider giving Fanny Blake a try.

Want to know more?

When Hope’s only son Paul met and married Edie, Hope was delighted that he had found love and was settling down to make his own family. Hope has loved bringing up her own child, and is happy to step in and help out now and again – but is always worried about overstepping the line between grandmother and mother.

Edie was hoping that having children with Paul would fulfil her as much as her busy job as a barrister has. But the reality is far from her dream. And with her mother-in-law Hope constantly poking her nose in where it’s not wanted, she finds herself frustrated and alone.

Both women could be each other’s greatest ally, but both have secrets that could ruin their relationship. Secrets neither wants Paul to uncover…

My rating...

A heart warming 4 glasses

Thank you @simonschusterUK & NetGalley for my ARC


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