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The Invitation by AM Castle

In my opinion...

I love a locked room mystery, in the style of Agatha Christie, so was looking forward to this novel where an island is effectively the ‘locked room’

The cast of characters are invited to Tregowan Castle for a Halloween weekend party, but by the end of the evening someone has been murdered.

The story moves at speed using numerous narrators to give multiple points of view. It could be confusing, but the voices of the characters are all quite distinctive, and many of them have quite unpleasant personalities.

Everyone appears to have a motivation for committing the murder, and with numerous red herrings it is hard to pick out who is the most unreliable.

I would have liked a little more movement around the castle, in a 'Cluedo' way, which I think would have increased the tension and showed fear amongst the group and lack of trust between them.

Regardless, an intriguing and quick read which I enjoyed.

Thank you HQStories & NetGalley for my ARC

Want to know more?

Thirteen guests. One killer. No escape.

On an island on the coast of Cornwall, cut off from the mainland by the tides for most of the day, thirteen old friends meet at Tregowan Castle for a weekend of revelry.

By the next evening only twelve are still alive.

Amongst them is a killer – but who? As a storm traps them on the island and past betrayals and grievances are revealed, nerves fray and friendships begin to fracture.

But with no escape and no way of calling for help it’s only a matter of time before the killer strikes again. And when everyone is keeping secrets, anybody could be the next victim…

My rating...


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