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The Perfect House by RP Bolton

In my opinion...

If you're looking for an unsettling, must be read with the lights on, type of novel, just in time for Halloween- look no further.

This debut novel is dark and creepy. Anyone who's had a baby will understand Ellie's permanent brain fog and self doubt, which makes the ghostly element even more disconcerting.

I was intrigued to discover what had happened in Ellie's past and what was really happening in her present. More perhaps a supernatural tale than a psychological thriller- the final page continues to stay with me!

Want to know more?

They’ve finally found their forever home. So why is it tearing them apart?

A fresh start Ellie knows she has found her dream home – number six Moss Lane. The place she and Tom can settle down, raise their new baby and start again.

A dark secret But why do their new neighbours think they’re so brave for moving in? Why are Ellie’s keys never where she left them? And why can Ellie hear strange noises in the night that Tom can’t?

A living nightmare Suddenly their dream house no longer feels so perfect and when Ellie learns the truth about number six’s dark past, a truth that Tom has been keeping secret from her, she no longer knows who she can trust.

Has their perfect home become her worst nightmare?

My rating...

A rather disconcerting four glasses

Thank you HQ Digital & NetGalley for my ARC

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