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The Traitor by Ava Glass

In my opinion...

I'm always concerned when the book I'm reading is not the first in a series, but I needn't have worried, this novel is totally stand-alone.

It is a fast-paced story, reminiscent of a James Bond thriller in its glamorous settings & action packed chapters.

Although I saw some of the twists coming, & at times I felt credibility was being stretched with the oligarchs. I didn't want to put it down. Emma was engaging & could be feisty, which I liked.

It is an extremely visual novel & it comes as no surprise that the series is being developed for television. The author's background, having worked with spies, makes it even more credible.

Want to know more?


A body is found in a padlocked suitcase.

Investigator Emma Makepeace knows it's murder. And it's personal.

She quickly establishes that the dead man had been shadowing two oligarchs suspected of procuring illegal weapons in the UK. And it seems likely that an insider working deep within the British government is helping them.

To find out who the traitor is, Emma goes deep undercover on a superyacht owned by one of the oligarchs.

But the glamorous veneer of the rich hides dark secrets. Out at sea, Emma is both hunter and prey, and no one can protect her.

Never has the turquoise sea and golden sands of the Rivera seemed so dangerous.

As the hunt intensifies, Emma knows that she is in mortal danger. And that she needs to find the traitor before they find her ...

My rating?

An edge of my seat 4 glasses...

Thank you Random House UK, Cornerstone & Netgalley for my ARC

This novel will be published on 14 September ,2023


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