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And just like that, we're heading towards seems to be more normal, and with the return of beautiful delicate snowdrops, it is re-assuring that nature continues to follow her annual routine.
Popping up on a daily basis are more exciting book releases, I feel my eyes cannot move fast enough to devour them all, as well as read the reviews for even more books. It seems to me that the past couple of years have been a time of massive creativity, which ,like the snowdrops,  is appearing around us. Exciting times.
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An unforgettable novel with an inspirational heroine .

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My name is Carrie and I have a passion for books & bubbles

...which is about evenly matched- though my book habit is a little cheaper & easier to indulge on a train in a morning!

I am renowned amongst family & friends for having a book or kindle with me, just in case...I have been reading since an extremely early age - thanks to Mum  and the "teach your baby to read" philosophy...