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If there's one good thing about lockdown, it is a good reason to sit on your own, take five, rebalance and read a good book...and they continue to come!
If you were fortunate enough to receive book tokens as a gift, I hope that some of the great books I've been devouring recently might give you  ideas of what to treat yourself to next.
Favourite book of the month
Thrilling, pacy, a hard to put down read.

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My name is Carrie and I have a passion for books & bubbles

...which is about evenly matched- though my book habit is a little cheaper & easier to indulge on a train in a morning!

I am renowned amongst family & friends for having a book or kindle with me, just in case...I have been reading since an extremely early age - thanks to Mum  and the "teach your baby to read" philosophy...