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Almost 600 titles were published on 3 September, and apparently a lot more to come- which is causing problems for even the big bookstores to try & stock all of them. Obviously some of them have their eye on the Christmas market, but in the meantime, I feel it is our duty to read EVEN more and particularly support the less well known, non celebrity authors...!

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September 5, 2020

 In my opinion...

A charming & romantic read, just what was needed to escape from months of negative news.

The two main characters are likeable and the story is told from their two different viewpoints, which frequently makes the reader want to shake them & tell them to buck up their ideas!

The writing is tight and entertaining, there are some great descriptions and the dialogue moves the story along...

September 1, 2020

 In my opinion...

It was so enjoyable to pick up something different to read other than my usual domestic noir or psychological thrillers, and it fitted in perfectly for a few days of relaxing in the garden, ready for today's stop on the blog tour

Diane Chandler is a writer who is passionate about her subject matter, as was seen in Moondance, and in Only Human once again the story feels both persona...

August 21, 2020

In my opinion...

Lisa Hall did not fail me!

Yet another uncomfortable psychological thriller from the lovely Lisa Hall.

I felt anxious, concerned and unsettled as I raced through it.

Many of the characters are unpleasant and not what they appear to be, truth is mixed up with deceptions. As the story progressed I thought I could see what was happening, I had plenty of theories, some of which were corre...

July 23, 2020

In my opinion...

The lovely Amanda Jennings does it again, telling a great Cornish tale!

A compelling and thought provoking read, which is all too horribly accurate and credible when observing Nathan’s controlling treatment of Hannah. This is uncomfortable reading, but as many of us know it’s not always just as easy as packing up and leaving.

The story moves effortlessly between viewpoints, and timel...

July 18, 2020

In my opinion...

How many more twisty, dark, unsettling thrillers can my nerves take?

Just one more, it seems…

To start with the chapters felt quite long, but they move along at a rapid pace

The story flipflops between Katherine and Lily’s point of view, which successfully made me keep changing my mind between who was telling the truth, what secrets were being hidden- and why was Lily’s story wrapped...

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A challenging and thought provoking read- generating much discussion with my friends
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